Making a Hero out of an Average

Anna Hazare then and now Baba Ramdev. Its nothing to be proud that these people have taken up a “cause”. A quick look at both -the intention seems to go with the billion but the means of achieving that intention seems pretty naive. The Lok Pal bill is as questionable as the law it questions today. Not to mention the line that Baba Ramdev is crossing but given that he is also a citizen, his requests seem pretty naive apart from asking govt to bring back Black Money stashed in Swiss Bank.

One doesn’t give credit to these people for raising these issues. To me Subramanian Swamy’s efforts are worth more than “fasting netas”. You explore a fast unto death only when all the democratic means have been closed, such as a case when we fought for independence. Subramanian Swamy’s fight in the Supreme court seems more laudable. [Read the 2G Scam and Supreme Court involvement after Subramanian Swamy’s petition]

I am wondering if even one of them attempted to go to the Supreme Court, raise the issue and failed? Have we even used the Democratic process to address issues while gathering public attention and support?

Without exploring the existing avenues of escalation they seem to propose solution to enhance the same. They just end up misleading the nation on the solution like our forefathers did on Independence, Partition and Kashmir.

Its not their “greatness” that they have caught the “public eye” but it is the government’s weakness by being reactive and not proactive. The moment you are firefighting a failure in your own organization pointed by others you have failed considerably.

Shame on UPA for making Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev famous and their naivety cheered.

One just hopes that this democracy doesn’t allow the average minds proposing naive solutions to take center stage.


One thought on “Making a Hero out of an Average

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