Special Character

God wouldn’t be god, if he had the choices and the cross roads we have. In her own world she often thought that human beings are an experimentation for a greater perfect species that god would create. The best of the evolution characteristics and the right decisions that work fine might be picked to create the perfect human being. But isn’t he the perfect one? She couldn’t decide.

This perfect man isn’t obviously perfect, after all sunspots are not visible to the naked eye. She knew his past, the present and could see a prospective future with another girl. It’s just the matter of jumping on the other side. After all life presents you with the most tempting offer only to polish it with the most disastrous consequence. Hers was probably a story of a Nut that met the Bolt in the wrong sequence of an assembly line.

She wouldn’t write, She couldn’t speak – neither could she cry. Tears are powerful – they make and break a case, just like coffee. Will she cry thinking of  him or will she cry thinking of why he fell for another? Some times the most spiritual moment of a person’s life is to let something close to their heart go and give it some peace. Spirituality wasn’t her forte yet. Every god was prayed, every religion was used. Absolutely no hatred there.

“Give me the strength to pass this or just make it happen.” Success is best enjoyed when achieved at the right time. No point winning the first and losing it later. Life is cruel, she thinks.

She imagined them meet, emotions crossed, apologies sung with the drums of smashing egos, it is as if nature made the assembly line right. Tears filled her heart, Heart beat sounded in her ears, words were just breathed away in a heavy silence – the natural system had gone for a toss.

Sometimes, even though nuts and bolts are made for each other, there is a thread that will tear them apart. Was she the one? Who makes the decision? Why is that decision right and not the other? How can you change the design? Are the gods as confused as much as she was? She was staring at a question paper for which none of the answers seem familiar. Just like her IIT JEE sometime back…

“1 New Message” announced the phone. A decision has been conveyed. With such a perfect imbalance in her body and mind, she opened.

The message was full of special characters.


4 thoughts on “Special Character

  1. Very nicely written and aptly phrased at certain points. Only I was wondering why tears are powerful…

    • Sreekrishnan says:

      Why do you think they are not? Its natures way of pouring an emotion – without distinguishing happiness and being sad. Somewhere it is saying something. In general it conveys to the one who is looking into your eyes. It changes things … (And all i mean is tears in a true sense, not the faked variety .. but faking is done for a purpose right? 🙂 )

      and thank you …

  2. Trisha Girish says:

    Wonderfully expressed!! beautifully explained the inexplicable!! Well truly said, tears are the most powerful!!

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