Billa and Action Movies as such ..

I don’t believe in writing reviews anymore. They really don’t serve a purpose apart from explaining the personal opinion on a film. And my personal liking never translates into what the majority thinks about a film. Most of the films in my perspective are not well made and the actual box office collections or public opinion never reflects that.

Indian films, especially south indian films were once in a stage when we could not look beyond family drama primarily because we were scared to explore more technically demanding story or we never had the means. The transition to the technically advanced film was adopted by those mainstream masala movies that incorporated logic defying scenes and at times keeping us engrossed. Today the transition has gone too far that story is kind of buried in the film that is overwhelmed with the technical aspects in executing a scene what was once just a shot.

Something had to be said about Billa 2. First of all I am a great fan of Ajith – for the simple reason that no one demands such an attention on screen after Rajnikanth. When he is on the screen even the bikini clad ladies fade away (not that I never looked). He draws attention like no one. It is quite obvious that he does so in real life too which is why most heroines dream of sharing the screen with him.

Billa 2 is a film that was supposed to be a prequel to the actual Billa that released sometime back. It’s supposed to show what it took for David Billa to be a Don later on.  One must clearly set the expectations there that it would most probably be fade in and out scenes that shows the turning points of his life. What it does is little of that and more of the details in those moments. The details are nothing but killing. To say that some man becomes a Don primarily because he had the audacity and guts to kill every person on his way without being stopped (as he does to others) doesn’t make sense for full 3 hours.

It requires a little bit of storyline – if you know what it means to show the life history of a person who came through whatever means. How he deals with people who help him, how he balances his personal life and how he deftly handles people who come against him. It is never all violence and no brains. Especially when you deal with a CM who is against Billa or a politician who is slyly plotting to hit two mangoes with one stone.

Unfortunately – what we saw was amazing action with little connection to a storyline.. They ofcourse have good justification of the action sequences (and not plot) – where he hates armchair management but depends on who does the job actually, he hates being double crossed but loves the one who is “fair” (not ethical) and so on. But to show everything with a killing may be a reality in someone’s life but doesn’t make up for a good movie. I would have preferred less of such killings and making others a bit obvious while bringing in a good amount of plot in his life because most of the time life doesn’t make sense looking at the present but you always see a plot looking backwards. Prequel should be one such.

There will be a time when our screenwriters understand the need for a nice thread that holds the entire plot together not overwhelmed by the technical aspects of execution of action scenes. Bourne Identity had some violence through out but the protagonist had a thread  walking him through his phases. Godfather 2 had such similar motives. Scarface did and why, even Baasha did.

We knew how to make stories, we know now how to top it with technically sound sequences but we now have to wait for a movie that balances these together to bring out the best action movie.

Billa 2 is a good start but almost feels like the FPS video game that we play where we don’t care about the story line but just think about killing whoever comes your way. And almost taking a cue, Ajith has a life level where he is able to kill people even when he takes a bullet to his chest and ofcourse restarts a level when he cannot. (I cannot stand after 1 hour in the Gym)

I’d say there is still life left in these screenwriters and hopefully future holds one movie that will meet our expectations. As Billa says “it’s just the beginning..”

PS: Let’s do away with the songs unless they are really required. There is one Sin-city’ish song in the film which was fantastic though.


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