The first tweet

“I met him on twitter da” She (@Rtweets) had declared.  It was unheard of in the real world. For some one like @happyS who had just signed up on twitter but didn’t know what to do there, this was definitely puzzling. She was meeting @Rtweets that evening before her something called tweetup.

“So what is he like?”
“Interesting. Actually he doesn’t tweet much of his own. He usually retweets from his timeline and I have always found it interesting”
“That would qualify him as an interesting twitter person..”
“Well, he retweets exactly what I would love to read and I usually end up discussing about it and he shares my thoughts exactly. He in fact personally recommends some to me and they always make me smile.”

@happyS couldn’t believe what she just heard.

“Don’t you want the guy whom you end up with having similar likes and dislikes, thinks exactly the way you want to think?” @Rtweets questioned
“But Twitter?”
“It’s serious da. Same music likes and dislikes, agree on important issues and thoughts, we enjoy the same level of intellectual knowledge and so on. Its one way to find about a person right?”

At this stage @happyS wasn’t even interested in understanding anymore and decided to move on to more tangible questions.

“When did you meet him? Did you know what he looks like?”
“Instagram, I follow him there as well.”
“that’s a photo sharing site with filters…”
“You must checkout his pictures there, they are brilliant.”

In much disbelief – sensing the non existence of seriousness in her mind @happyS was not going to let her old friend believe some internet met probable.

“So how long have you known him – how much of all these are serious?”
“Well, earlier there was a lot of discussion on twitter. I always wake up to his tweets and replies. We then started DM’ing a lot. That’s when things got serious.”
“How serious?”
“We found each other talking about us a lot and of course you cant talk more there”
“Why not” @happyS interrupted.
“Duh! 140 char. What is this?”
“Oh even for a DM? I wouldn’t know”
“Yes, that’s why you must quit facebook now. It’s so old gen. So, we started to whatsapp.”

@happyS was not even ready to ask what it was and how it all worked. Things have already gone past the idea of reason to her.

“Did your parents approve”
“They will be ok with it. He will be on Facetime this weekend.”
“What does he do? Is he working?”
“Why is it tough? He is in the US (location from his tweets), he talks about his work all the time and his prof (So he did his Masters), tweeted and shared pics about his new house. Why infact I’ve seen his family pics too. Its all on instagram. Check it”
“Are you sure?”
“Oh this is how I found about him earlier. I know a lot more now. We are on skype regularly.”

@happyS couldn’t help but remember that some one had once mentioned that there is an app for everything.

“But did you talk to him? Tell him about you liking – I am sure after all these you both would have realized right?”
“Yes – we knew we were on to something”
“He proposed and I agreed”
“No no, details..?”

@Rtweets had archived her messages and held her phone to show how it all happened. So much pride and sense of accomplishment in holding the phone.

IamManU: @Rtweets: I Tweet you ❤
Rtweets: @IamManU: I Retweet You ❤
IamManU: @Rtweets: Will you DM me?
Rtweets: @IamManU: Yes 🙂

And @happyS tweeted for the first time

happyS: #cannotableto.

Disclaimer: There is no intentional sexism, gender stereotyping or even reality involved. I cannot find any but if you do let my apologies quickly cross your mind. I have no intentions of hurting any sentiments including religious ones. The events are completely fictional and can be written from a male perspective by changing the gender. No logical reasoning involved in making any decisions. I just flip a coin 729 times to decide. 

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