Randomly on Viswaroopam

Shriram Abhyankar lowers his gun on seeing the Sacred thread and recites his Abhivadhaye. Ram [Kamal] lowers his gun too. At that point the suffering character – Kamal Hassan gets a new perspective to think. He would have otherwise wandered around and settled somewhere. This is the moment that makes him think of the cause for his suffering, his memories, retribution and eventual high moment when he decides to put a full stop himself. You could almost write the story line of Hey Ram from any  moment in the film . Undoubtedly the finest screenplay from Indian Cinema. That is exactly what Kamal could have accomplished in a movie like Vishwaroopam. By attempting to go Spy-thriller –Action way he misses the opportunity.

 It’s about a RAW agent in US who had a terrorist camp acquaintance in afghanistan . It wants to run parallel to history but fails to capture the realism. Kamal chose more than what can be said to make this a real thriller, it ends up being a Drama-thriller-action. It is all about choosing which part of the story needs to be told.

There are 2 episodes – one in US and one in Afghanistan. Both of them are separately spy-thrillers by themselves but you see it in Sherlock Holmes style happens-break-and-showhow and when mixed removes the pace and continuity of emotion.

That is not to say the movie was bad or boring. It failed to gather itself together. i still dont know what happened to that bomb that exploded in the apartment. I am not sure if I saw anything on it after that. On the whole it works purely on 2 things. Kamal Hassan and Action. Undeniably Kamal Hassan becomes the pivot in each scene. He was there and he did what he did best.  Act. I’ll leave you to judge the action and gore.

 The opening scenes of the film are what I describe its best moments. The part which show Kamal in the Kathak dancer role and Pooja Kumar complaining. You’ll talk about it even after you’ve watched all the action and gory scenes that follow it.  Pooja Kumar is impressive and uses her expressions in her eyes to her advantage. Either she is good at it or trained really well. Either ways she performs in her best-expected capability.

As much as we love to watch another Anbe Sivam or Hey Ram this isn’t that. Is it fair to expect Kamal to do that every time – I don’t know. Kamal probably decided to go new with the execution instead of the story and screenplay.

Finally, I didn’t find anything blasphemous in the film – actually the opposite. May be I cannot because I don’t follow that faith. However I do know what it is when you have to say negative about something you believe in. Kamal never fails to mock something even in a lighter way – in Hinduism. [God has 4 hands, cannot be crucified but dunked in sea] I didn’t find anything of that sort. May be they had a problem showing him associated with all these. May be they didnt want the story to be told at all. “If some one is doing wrong in the name of religion let it be dont show it.” He has shown what has been reported and happening all around the world.

Hey Ram shows Shahrukh Khan – a muslim in the liberal side while Kamal himself was shown in the Hindu Extremist side. I didnt judge myself based on that. I dont know if it is Maturity or Ignorance but i know this If you are making a movie on a topic that can be debated and is a controversial subject – then be prepared for the controversy. He knows our society and culture – and he once famously said [Paraphrasing] We have Saffron, white and green – our culture has all colors and this is india.


4 thoughts on “Randomly on Viswaroopam

  1. sridharvisu76 says:

    I like this review.
    I think he has just chosen a genre that is a thriller. I actually liked this movie a lot.

    My only complaints:
    a) Last part of movie (not the final teaser) where FBI cracks jokes etc.
    If only they had done that part from the american POV…
    and then Kamal slowly revealing the distractions part, it would have been interesting

    American pathapathaippu when looking at apt bombing or radiation.
    (in movie, fbi agent says these things in 10 secs…and Kamal (in his borrowed jacket from dasavatharam) keeps saying it is distraction)

    instead of spending time on some jokes in this segment, Kamal could have shown their pathapathaippu, and he or his friend shekar kapur putting things together

    b) Kamal’s macro-expressions in Afghanistan when he feels for their plight. He could have opted for better expressions to show it.

    when u r an agent you are part of that disguise. You dont need to shrug your shoulders and show your contempt.

  2. Valid points. A movie that was hopelessly lost and which apathetically struggled to pull it together but understandably failed.

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